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Barcelona Winter 2012 Timelapses from Timelapse Mexico on Vimeo.

Please watch fullscreen and HD

This is a compilation of some of my early 2012 timelapse work in Barcelona.

All footage available in 4K.

All photographed with:

-Canon T2i-
Canon 18-55mm
Helios 44-2 58mm
Canon 35mm F2

Music by : Apeabe -

If you want to download the original score made by Apeabe (Right Click, Save as…)





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24 hours in Mexico City from Mexico City on Vimeo.

Mexico City premiered this short video – featuring images from the city during a 24-hour period – at the Mexican pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010. The video was produced by the Mexico City Tourism Promotion Fund and co-directed by Luis Mandoki and Mariana Rodriguez. Other credits: Photography and editing by Alberto Anaya, Estaban Arrangoiz and Yaome Escamilla. Music by Alejandro Castaños.

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